Brisbane’s Best Food Series

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be approached to host a food series on Brisbane. With the lure of free food and the opportunity to be involved in a really cool project, I jumped at it. Here are the two episodes we created. Hope you like it!

The Age Article

I was contacted by food writer Dani Valent from The Age and Sydney Morning Herald about an article she wanted to write about kids in the kitchen. We spoke over two phone interviews and numerous text messages so that she had all the information she needed. A photographer came over and took some photos of myself and my lemon meringue pie dessert.

Here is the article as it appeared in the newspaper on the 27th May 2014 and there is an online version here.

*Section and photos of me taken out from the full article

The Weekend Australian Articles

I was in luck in May this year when I got the opportunity to have dinner with The Australian’s restaurant reviewer, John Lethlean. He and his Partner taught me some of his reviewing techniques and have helped me write better then I had before. A week later, I received a call from John’s editor, asking if I would like to write a feature article in The Weekend Australian. I took it with both hands and wrote an article on my thoughts on the Kids menus in restaurants. Additionally, John wrote about our encounter the week before in that same section.

Here is the article written by John in The Weekend Australian – 1-2 June 2013 on our encounter.


And here is my article that I wrote in The Weekend Australian- 8-9 June 2013