I wasn’t sure if it was just pure luck, perfect timing or a little bit of both but two 16 year olds managed to grab the best seat in the house at Noosa’s beachside restaurant, Season. Having front row seats overlooking the iconic Noosa Beach led to a few funny faces from beach goers as they eyed two ‘kids’ downing some freshly shucked oysters and half-shell scallops. Their faces still make me chuckle to this day!


My mate Aidan joined me again for this meal as he did for Betty’s Burgers too and he strongly suggested we start with the garlic, chilli & parsley pizza ($14) after both enjoying this dish last time we were there. The pizza was crispy and had enough garlic to add a kick but I found it was lacking in chilli to deliver a punch.

With such a great view of the water I decided to fully immerse myself in the beachside holiday spirit and ordered 5 freshly shucked oysters with chardonnay vinegar, dill and shallots ($19). The vinaigrette was tangy and contrasted well with the plump oysters. I only wish I could have been old enough to enjoy a nice Champagne to go with the beautiful oysters.


Aidan, being a massive fan of scallops, ordered poached Hervey Bay half shell scallops with white soy, kombu, ginger, spring onions, coriander ($25). He thought the scallops were perfectly cooked and paired nicely with the sharp white soy sauce. While he didn’t struggle with the chilli on the garlic bread he did struggle with the chopped up chilli on top of the scallops and called for another lemon lime bitters.


After a light and refreshing entrée I decided to order a rich main of pan roasted rolled pork belly, roast Moreton bay bug tail, baby purple carrots, sprouts, cider crème fraiche ($37). The pork was delectably unctuous with plenty of fatty goodness, however, it was let down by the crackling which was too hard to even bite. The Moreton bay bug was nicely cooked and added a ‘surf’ element to the dish.


Aidan ordered crispy beer battered fish & chips, tartare sauce, lemon
($29), which he thought delivered with crispy batter but commented that the chips needed more salt.


After two filling courses we decided to forgo dessert. A great view of the water and a pared back holiday menu makes Season a crowd pleaser for the many who flock to Noosa all year round.

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