Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.

We had walked past Betty’s one night on our way to Locale for dinner (see my first visit here) and were stunned by the large waiting line for a seat in Noosa’s new burger joint. When there is a line-up that big we knew it had to be good. We decided to go the very next day, at lunchtime though! MYG_Review_BettysBurgers01 While my mate Aidan and I thought it would be less busy for lunch at 1:30 the next day, it was still pumping with holiday goers and locals looking for a quick tasty eat and ice-cold drink. We managed to grab a seat up at a high bench overlooking the bustling Hastings St. The menu at Betty’s is concise but covers all the options that a good quality burger joint should have: Beef, Chicken, Pork, and a Vegetarian Option (in this case a crispy fried Mushroom burger). Then there is Betty’s Classic stack, which couples the crispy fried Portobello mushroom with Betty’s Classic Beef burger. As good as it sounded I decided to leave it for next time and instead, opted for Betty’s Classic ($10) so I could compare it more fairly to some of the classic beef burgers I have sampled thus far. MYG_Review_BettysBurgers02 This Angus beef patty was quite thin, however it was the most flavoursome patty I have had. On top of the patty lay the usual suspects; tomato, onions, cheese and a generous mound of lettuce. There wasn’t a ubiquitous tomato sauce instead it was generously doused in Betty’s special sauce. The bun at Betty’s was quite small and soft and slightly chewy making it unique. But does it make it a better burger? I’m a little unsure about it but it certainly distinguishes itself from the rest. Aidan decided on the Crispy Chicken Burger ($10), which featured some serious Southern Fried Chicken with lettuce, tomato and Betty’s Special Sauce plus some bacon for $3 extra. He rated it very highly but thought it could use some avocado (He reckons avocado should be on everything). The crinkle cut chips ($5) and onion rings ($6) were nice and crunchy which paired well with a Sriracha mayo ($2) leaving a nice after burn and a punchy garlic mayo ($2). MYG_Review_BettysBurgers03 Since the name of the eatery ended with the words Concrete Co. we had to try a concrete before leaving. A concrete you ask? Well it’s house-made vanilla ice-cream mixed through with different toppings. I chose the salted caramel waffle cone ($8) which featured creamy vanilla ice-cream loaded with a generous drizzle of salted caramel (in this one you could actually taste the salt!) and crushed up waffle cone. Aidan chose the Sticky Date Pudding ($8), which paired the all time classic flavour combo of vanilla custard, sticky date pudding and butterscotch sauce with Betty’s ice cream. We both loved our concretes and noted that they were perfect size after a burger. MYG_Review_BettysBurgers04 Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co. might always be a busy place but don’t let that put you off. Seats turn over fast with some rapid friendly service and you’ll soon find yourself with a tasty burger in your hands for amazing value. Make sure you harden up and partake on a concrete afterwards! Betty's Burgers on Urbanspoon

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