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I don’t usually write Brisbane breakfast reviews as I seem to find lunch and dinner at restaurants way more interesting to write about than the breakfasts that are served at many venues across town. However, I want to tell you about the breakfast menu that Cinco Bistro serves on Saturday and Sunday. For over 10 years Cinco has become well known for its elegant bistro food but only since September last year have they started serving breakfasts that I believe is worthy of equal acknowledgement and acclaim as their dinner service.

Mum and I agree that it is hard to beat the breakfast variety at Cinco. The great thing about Cinco’s breakfast menu is that you eat from around the world travelling to Mexico, India, South and North America and Asia. And each time you come back, you find yourself ordering something new and exciting due to a menu that is ever changing.

On our first visit I had an amazing chicken chilaquiles with a perfect fried egg on top while Mum had baked eggs with chorizo, potato, piquillo peppers, Mahon cheese and almonds. Both dishes were outstanding and we couldn’t wait to come back for more!



As Cinco is just around the corner it wasn’t long before we returned. This time I tried the chimichanga, which is savoury mince wrapped in a tortilla, which is then deep-fried. On top rested a perfectly cooked poached egg with hollandaise sauce. A crispy kale leaf crowned the dish and a dollop of guacamole and chopped up tomato lay to the side of the plate. After trying this dish I declared it my all-time favourite breakfast! Mum ordered an Indian lentil curry with little rice cakes, which was perfect for the cold morning weather.



On another occasion I tried the New Delhi Egg Curry – a recipe that the Owner-Chef Peter Stubbs had recently brought back from India. It was served with some crispy roti bread perfect for mopping up the well balanced sauce. Mum tried the duck omelette with a drizzle of hoisin sauce and enjoyed the classic combination.



As I loved the chimichanga on an earlier visit I was keen to have it again. On this morning however, I was told about a new dish, which I just couldn’t resist: Roasted pork belly with mustard onions, mustard, chipotle aioli, spinach and fried egg. This breakfast included all my favourite ingredients on one plate and I loved it! Mum also tried a new dish of New York Pastrami resting on potato latkes with a poached egg and hollandaise on top. We had forgotten to take either of our phones so we couldn’t take any photos! The old saying, ‘There is always next time’ doesn’t necessarily apply to Peter’s breakfasts as he changes up the menu regularly and even if the pork belly isn’t there, there is always something equally as tempting to try!

On our latest visit I ordered the special, which was a Nasi Goreng with a fried egg, a satay chicken drumstick, dried anchovies, sambal, prawn crackers, cucumbers and tomatoes. The Asian spread was very tasty and a great representation of a classic Asian dish. Mum finally tried the chimichanga for herself after I raved on about it and she thoroughly enjoyed it too.


We love having a chat to Peter after breakfast and appreciate his efforts in keeping his breakfast menu very interesting, something many other Brisbane cafes should take note of. A visit to Cinco for breakfast is well worth a drive across Brisbane to our lovely suburb Camp Hill where you will enjoy classic breakfasts from each corner of the world.

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