Cheat’s Eton Mess

Did you know that the Eton Mess was first served at an annual cricket game between Eton College and Winchester College and then became a revelation? Okay I must confess… that is one of the many tales, but I like that one the most. This is my family’s way of making a beautiful Eton mess without going to the trouble of baking your own meringues.



1 packet of ready made mini meringues (if you want to make your own I suggest this recipe)

1tbs orange blossom water

2 punnets strawberries (destalked and halved)

½ cup caster sugar

2oomL thickened cream

½ cup Gippsland blood orange yoghurt (can use your own type and flavour)

Seeds of half vanilla pod

55g pure icing sugar


1. Mix strawberries with the orange blossom and caster sugar

2. Let rest for 20 minutes

3. Meanwhile, whisk cream, vanilla and icing sugar until soft peaks and fold in yoghurt

4. Using wine glasses, layer the strawberries at the bottom to create the first layer

5. Cover with a layer of cream and yoghurt mixture

6. In your hands, crush meringues on top to create third layer

7. Repeat again finishing with strawberries and a couple whole meringues

8. Enjoy


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