Spring Chef’s Table

My good friend Harry (who has eaten with me before at the second chocolate appreciation night) was up for a good night of eating so I told him that we should try out the chef’s table experience at Spring Bistro. Mum and Dad decided to come too and as we walked through the door a whole roasted suckling pig lay down on the table. We knew we were in for a good night!


There was a bit of musical chairs as we were moved a couple of times around the table, but it was back on track when Ben gave us some fresh house made smoked cardamom bread with smooth butter that he made earlier that day. Delish!


Kym and the team were focusing on using pig for the two-course meal tonight. Ben V was playing host and he did a fantastic job! As you can see in this photo he is working hard, running from side to side like speedy lightning!


Soon after the entree was presented to us. It was a beautiful pappardelle pasta with pulled pork in a tomato based sauce. The pasta was cooked al dente and the tomato sauce wasn’t unbalanced as the tomato wasn’t acidic and not too sweet, providing a lovely fresh and piquant meal.


Main was perfect! Roast pork with roast potatoes, roast apple and an impeccable orange syrup jus. The crackling was one of the crispiest I’ve ever had and you should have seen the Princess’ (my Sister) reaction when I told her about it later. She was so jealous! The potatoes have now become Mum’s favourite way of cooking it as Ben told her how he did them. They are par cooked, quartered, placed in a fry pan, CAREFULLY tossed with rosemary and cooked until golden. Season and… best potatoes ever! The jus had an intense orange flavour throughout that complemented the pork amazingly. We had a sample of the syrup by itself and it tasted very rich so it would have been tricky to make sure there was enough of it in the jus but that it didn’t overpower the rest of the meal.


Then dessert of chocolate profiterole with almond ice cream was presented to us. The profiterole was everything it is meant to be; a beautiful crisp outside with a creamy centre. The ice cream had the distinctive marzipan flavour. Devine!


To finish off, a large board of cheeses and breads came out. We were given a bit of everything and had permission to come back and get as much as we want after. Cheeses included taleggio, cheddar, Portuguese cheddar, a Camembert and breads like brioche, lavosch, sourdough and a fruity bread.



This is Ben and me after the meal.


It was a stunning Friday night and the value was exceptional for $75 a person. On a Tuesday night the price is $50. I highly recommend a spot on this table so get on their website here and book yourself a seat.

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