e’cco bistro

e’cco was the restaurant that inspired my massive love for gourmet dining and cooking. One night Mum and Dad surprised me with my first cookbook, “Eating In”. I had recently read some cookbooks of Phillip Johnson (executive chef at e’cco bistro) that Mum and Dad owned. I was flicking through the book and one recipe caught my eye, as it would with anyone. It was the trio of chocolate – a white chocolate sorbet, milk chocolate mousse & dark chocolate delice. It looked amazing but it was far out of my reach at the time, I only wished I could try such an amazing dessert.

My parents usually reward me for achieving a good report card and the year seven one was especially good so I chose e’cco.

Mum and I walked into e’cco and took a seat positioned so I could look into the kitchen. I couldn’t believe that I was in e’cco. The bread that was served was the most top class bread I have tried. We ordered our meals and below you can see how excited I was.


Our entrées arrived; I ordered a prawn, saffron and vanilla bean risotto with crispy pancetta.


Mum ordered a chipotle-marinated quail, corn puree, cotechino, peas & coriander.


I was impressed with the richness of the risotto and how the pancetta complemented it.

Phillip Johnson must have noticed me and came to our table and said hi and luckily I brought my “Eating In” book for him to sign.  Phillip told me about the people who inspired him and showed me a famous bistro book- “Modern Bistrot Cookery” by Antony Worrall Thompson, who Phillip worked for in London. Phillip gave me one of his cookbooks that I was missing – “Bistro”. I told Phillip about the trio of chocolate and he said that I could come back for work experience and create the dessert with Kristie the head pastry chef. YES!


Mains arrived and Phillip left us to it and went back into the kitchen. Unfortunately Mum and I forgot about the camera and started eating the mains. It’s very rude to do this but we took photos anyway and here they are. Well somehow I lost the photo for my duck dish but here is Mum’s anyway.

Mums Dish: Blue eye cod with mash and a salsa verde (quarter eaten)


The mash was flavoursome and it supplemented the duck effectively.

I couldn’t go past the crema catalana (orange zest and cinnamon flavoured cream) and Churros (a fried Spanish doughnut).  Mum treated herself to pedro ximenez (the name of a white grape in Spain which is made also as a varietal wine, an intensely sweet, dark, dessert sherry, so I have been told.)


To top off, we finished with a good cup of tea for me and coffee for Mum, including house made biscuits.

What a lovely day, I cannot wait for work experience.

Wish me luck.

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