Monty’s CBD

There is a little boutique chocolate and coffee shop I believe that all Brisbane gourmets should know about. Owned and run by Steve, an English born chocolate connoisseur, Monty’s provides me with my afternoon treats once a month on my walk home from school along Edward Street in the CBD. The friendly service, decadent treats and the beautifully decorated room make it my perfect afternoon hangout.


Steve tells me he had always loved chocolate from an early age. He recalls his Dad buying eight special chocolates from an expensive Mayfair chocolate store in London on a rare occasion.  A massive treat for Steve as a kid. At Easter he would only ask his parents for a Terry’s Chocolate Orange which most English people all know and many Australians have come to understand, is an orange flavoured chocolate ball which has segments like an actual orange. On a school trip to France, when he was 14, he had an eye opening experience to the world of chocolate when he saw the depth of the chocolate range there.


There are three Monty’s shops spread throughout Brisbane, one in Paddington, one in Spring Hill and the CBD one where Steve spends most of his time. The CBD store features many world renowned and local chocolate producers including my favourite, Francois Pralus (France) as well as Sea Salt, Artison du chocolat and Charbonnel et Walker (both made in the UK), Rococo (Belgravia), Coppeneur (Germany), Menakao (Madagascar), Nick’s Chocolate (grown overseas but supplied in Brisbane), Nina’s (NSW) and QLD’s very own Cravve made in Burleigh Heads and Daintree made in NQ.


I first discovered Monty’s after hearing rave reviews about their signature hot chocolate. It won the Best Hot Chocolate Award in the prestigious 2012 Foodies’ Guide to Brisbane. I was desperate to try it. I wandered into the shop and was treated to a fantastic chocolate tasting plate and the most rich, thick and indulgent hot chocolate I had ever tasted. If you thought you have tried the best hot chocolate in the world then you haven’t visited Monty’s yet, so prepare to be converted. Despite my best efforts Steve won’t divulge the full recipe and technique to me, but he did provide some pointers about how to make it. It’s made fresh every morning, he uses Swiss couverture and chocolate made from beans they import from Madagascar and adds the secret ingredients and places it in the machine below. This machine constantly stirs the chocolate keeping it from going hard.


The end product is a lusciously thick serve of Monty’s hot chocolate.


But the hot chocolate is only part of a truly decadent experience. The milkshakes, all made with real flavours, are outstanding. My two favourites are the orange and chilli.


But of course, the chocolate cabinet is the piece de resistance featuring my favourite chocolates: Coppeneur raspberry cream and yoghurt and blackberry flavoured bark, Artisan du chocolate liquid salted caramels, Rococo geranium cream or just let Steve decide by selecting a tasting plate for you in White, Milk or Dark chocolate.


Below is a cool little quote I found on a collage outside the front of Monty’s. I think it really sums up chocolate for everyone.


If you are wandering around town looking for a good coffee, in need of a present for your loved one or just would like some refuge from the busy streets, look no further, Monty’s is my best suggestion. Steve reassures, “Monty’s is a place for anyone, regardless of age or background. No snobs allowed!”

Oh, and in case you are wondering who Monty is, it’s Steve’s little Chihuahua.

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