First work experience at Urbane

After the first chocolate appreciation class, I organised with Kym Machin (head chef of Urbane and the Euro) a day/night for work experience in the kitchen. Kym told me that this would be a presentation of “MoVida’s Guide To Barcelona” by the authors Frank Camorra (chef of renowned Spanish restaurant MoVida) and Richard Cornish (food writer).

On arrival I was greeted by the Urbane and Euro team. My first job was helping prepare caramel popcorn for the usual dessert menu. We then prepared the food that was going to be served on the night. I first worked on preparing skewers that had Spanish anchovies, olives and roasted capsicum. Then a chef taught taught me how to debone a whole suckling pig (a pig that was still young enough to suck its mother’s milk) which was later slow cooked . We also made crème catalana and my favourite dessert Churros. Afterwards I got to meet Frank Cammora and he thanked me for my help. Kym bought me the book and an other of Frank’s cook books.

Lucky Mum and Dad got to enjoy the wonderful food.

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