Rick Shores, Burleigh Heads

Superb pan-Asian cuisine with un-paralleled views.

It would be difficult to find a better view than Rick Shores’ panoramic beach outlook at Burleigh Heads. So close to the waves, you can feel the sea spray as it crashes against the rocks a few metres away from the open windows. It’s an impressive start.


The owners, who are also the brains behind Longtime in Fortitude Valley, have hired superbly. Executive chef Ben Bertei (ex- Longrain, Spirit House) joins forces with head chef Jake Pragnell (ex- Golden Fields) to compile a modern pan-Asian menu that’s a perfect fit for the beach vibes.

The smart option is the set menu ($60 per person for lunch) – a selection of the restaurants favourite dishes. To start, Charred Cucumber and Hendricks Shooter with an oyster. The cool hit of cucumber and gin accompanied by the salty oyster, provides a refreshing start.


The shooter is quickly followed by the beautifully presented Kingfish Sashimi with Avocado, White Soy, Ginger and Horseradish. The fish is marinated just long enough to keep a slightly firm texture and also soak up the tangy white soy dressing. The light dish provides a fantastic progression into the richer dishes.


The signature ‘Ricks’ Fried Bug Roll comes next. You know the dish is good, when a table nearby orders plate after plate of these rolls. A soft brioche roll encloses crispy battered Moreton Bay Bug, gem lettuce and sriracha (an Asian chilli sauce). Thankfully, the sweet bug meat isn’t overpowered by any of the other ingredients.


Shiitake Dumplings, Brown Onion, Beer Broth and Chilli Oil is the last of the small dishes. The dish is rich and nicely executed, but it’s the least impressive of the lunch.


Unexpectedly, a Tequila Sunrise palate cleanser comes next. A sorbet sits on the base of the glass, topped with a foam and little pops of raspberry. A nice little touch.


The Yellow Curry with King Prawn, Kaffir Lime and Crispy Garlic, is accompanied by Jasmine Rice, a salad of Chopped Heirloom Vegetables, Roast Sesame and Sichuan Pepper and Roti Bread (not pictured). The prawns are perfectly cooked, retaining their texture and sweet taste in the smooth, lightly spiced and creamy coconut curry sauce. The salad provides much-needed heat, crunch and freshness.


The last course is a light dessert of Coconut, Pineapple, Black Rice and Rum. Those four ingredients are known to make a great combination so it’s no surprise this dish is a cracker. The sweetness of the pineapple shines through the creaminess of the coconut and stickiness of the black rice.


It would be difficult to find a restaurant with better views, but it would also be hard to find a better dining experience on the Gold Coast.


4 thoughts on “Rick Shores, Burleigh Heads

  1. Congratulations Elliot. My time flies I remember your first blog now your all grown up. Love the new look and feel and new direction you have taken. The new review well written and great photos look forward to your future reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Don’t think I will be down anytime soon to try the bug rolls, may have to have a go at re creating at home. Well done Elliot, nice to see you all growing up.


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