The Long Apron, Montville

At the same time each year my family and I venture to The Long Apron, located in a small town called Montville in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Each time we dine there we are stunned by the creativity of the food, the professionalism of the service and the pure bliss of the setting. 


I have already written a review of The Long Apron so this post will just feature the photos of the dishes we ate on our recent visit. If you would like to read my review on our first visit to the restaurant then click here!

We always opt for the five course menu ($115 per person without wine) as there are three options for each course which usually means between the four of us we will be able to sample every dish on the menu.

Per usual we gave The Princess the freedom to take some pictures of the grounds before we started the meal. Here are some of her masterpieces:






Amuse Bouches:

Caraway grissini with mushroom caramel and served alongside were parmesan filled air breads.


How cool is this close up!


Next we received house cured ocean trout with horseradish, chicken & hay consommé with chicken skin cracker & cream, pork rillette with tarragon ‘bread’ and house-made sourdough & butter.


First Courses:

My goat’s milk & dulce curd, blueberry, lemon thyme


Dad’s steamed scampi, fennel & pine shoot oil


Mum’s potato, oysters, garlic & vinegar broth, crème fraiche, onion oil


Second Courses:

My Mooloolaba prawn, roasted prawn crème, XO, cucumber, gin & rose


Dad’s fried & poached fraser isle spanner crab, macadamia romesco, burnt lemon


Mum’s and The Princess’ butter poached chicken, kingaroy peanuts, puffed rice, lemon puree, wild bee honey


Third Courses:

My kangaroo tail, native berries, buffalo curd, roasted watermelon jus. Have to say that this was the best dish of the day! The jus was so thick that it was almost like molasses and it complemented the rich sticky meat to perfection. The berries added a touch of acidity and freshness that made the dish pop.


Dad’s and The Princess’ grilled, cured and seared duck, fruits & berries, smoked yoghurt & wattle seed


Mum’s leaves from the garden, aged wagu tartare, mushroom caramel


Fourth Courses:

My part of a suckling pig, confit squid, ink & pork jus


Dad’s 6-month-old braham beef, baked potato, bone marrow cream, fall’s farm carrots


Mum’s grouper fillet, sauce vin blanc, roe, grilled onions, jamon butter, sorrel


Palate Cleanser:

We were delighted to receive a palate cleanser of bergamot, lemon, gin & tonic before moving onto desserts. I especially loved the bursts of freshness from the little finger limes that were hidden at the bottom.


Fifth Courses:

My dessert which wasn’t actually on the a la carte menu but was on the degustation menu. I had seen some pictures of this dessert online and asked if it was possible to order it even though we weren’t doing the degustation. They were happy to make it up for me. The problem is that the only description of it is ‘curd’ on the menu but it was sort of like a  take on lemon meringue with lots of different lemon and meringue textures. A great way to finish!


Dad’s green rhubarb sorbet, goat’s milk pudding, thyme & coriander jus, lychee and apple


Mum’s malted potato ice cream, miso caramel chocolate mousse, hay ash & beer


The Princess’ raspberry cream, crème fraiche ice cream, sour meringue, amazake


The Princess cracking into the raspberry component:

Every time we dine at The Long Apron we feel the urge to return the next year. It’s something about the way the restaurant makes you feel when you’re eating there. How you feel privileged to be in such a stunning location, being served by smart and friendly waitstaff, eating some of the best locally sourced produce in all of Queensland.

It’s so good we don’t even mind the one hour and a half drive to get there!

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